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Series 2 of Monday Night Racing for 2018 is starting on October 1st. First up, all riders need to register (once) through the online entry page. Once registered, you will find all the information you need on this page.  There will be links here to the MNR registration page,  MNR regulations, results as they become available and category listings.  All of these will be updated regularly as any changes occur.

Marshal Roster

Riders can self-select their round/s to marshal on the 2018 Series 2 Monday Night Racing Marshal Roster and will receive 20 points (one off). If required, marshals will be appointed by the organising team. It is the rider’s responsibility to ensure that they fulfill their marshal duty, or provide a proxy. Points will be deducted for failure to marshal when required.

Online Entry Page

Registration for this series of MNR can be done through the online entry page .

Payment Details

Payment of race fees can either be made on the night in cash or paid online, the details for which are:

  • Cycling Otago Inc. ANZ 01-0906-0005289-00  (please Include Name and Ref# MNR)

MNR Regulations

The regulations can be found here: Monday Night Racing rules and information v2_rev2018-9

We have pulled all of the details for this series into one place so once you have read the regulations this is a quick spot to come back to check when needed.


Rider Categories *

As a starting point for 2018 series 2, we will roll over the categories that riders finished in during the 2018-1 series: 2018-2-MNR-Starting Cats

Any changes can be indicated during online registration or in advance of Round 1. No last minute changes on the night please.

* During the MNR series, the categories will be reviewed and movement may occur.


Contact Details for MNR Series 2 2018

Paula Hasler – email: paula.hasler@otago.ac.nz