In MNR we encourage participation and progression. Riders can join the series at any time, and we have (controlled) category movement throughout the series. This is challenging in a series points competition. The full Monday Night Racing Rules were refreshed mid-year, have been published on the MNR information page and referred to throughout the season. In compiling the final MNR-2 Series Category placings, here are the key rules and the interpretation applied for this series. Our aim is to be fair, but we accept that there will always be anomalies so they are reviewed regularly to ensure we keep to the intent of the rules.


26 b) To be eligible to contest for series category placings all riders must be Cycling Otago members.

Final Categories

Riders’ final categories are determined to be the category they finished the series in and not necessarily the category that they competed the most races in.

26 d) To contest for a series category placing, all eligible riders must contest a minimum of 4 races in the category they finish the series in.

Riders moving categories take their accumulated points. This rule aimed to ensure that riders moving up late in the series (potentially with a lot of points) did not unfairly disadvantage riders who had raced all season in a harder category.

Series points total calculation

28 a, b) For riders who are eligible to contest for the series standings, their total points are determined by the best points earned from a specified number of rounds. For MNR-2 this was set at 7 rounds (which may include marshalling points, i.e. 6 races & 1 marshalling duty).

Interpretation: The MNR team decided to waive Rule 26 b) requiring participation in a minimum of 7 rounds to receive a series category placing. Total series points are now determined by the best points earned from up to 7 rounds (which may include marshalling points).

The intent was to celebrate and encourage the large number of riders participating in MNR-2 2017 – the majority competing in 6 rounds or less. We judged that this did not unfairly disadvantage riders who had met the initial 7 round requirement or change the category winners, as riders competing in less rounds would have fewer than 7 rounds’ points to total.

Riders listed without a series category place

Riders who did not receive a series category placing did not meet the requirements above, i.e. are not Cycling Otago Club Members and / or did not compete in a minimum of 4 races in the category they finished in. There are many riders who competed extremely well that did not get a placing. Your achievements are noted and we hope you understand the intent the rules.

MNR-2 2017 Series Final Results

After ten rounds of fast and exciting racing, the final results are:

MNR 2017-2 Age Group v2

The final Category rankings can also be downloaded as a PDF file here

2017-2 MNR R10 points table v4_Page_1

2017-2 MNR R10 points table v4_Page_2

2017-2 MNR R10 points table v4_Page_3

2017-2 MNR R10 points table v4_Page_4