MONDAY NIGHT RACING 2019 Series 2 begins on September 30th!

This year we are using Webscorer to manage our registration and results process – less admin for everyone!

Online registration is required each week – Click here to enter Monday Night Racing 2019 Series 2.

Registration does not commit you to racing – we will just put you down as a DNS on the day if you can’t make it – but it means we can gather the information we need far more efficiently, and populate the night’s results at the push of a few buttons.
If you’re new to racing however, you can still turn up and enter on the night.

With everyone’s help to embed this system, we can then look to the next step – RFID chips and automated timing!

For full information check out the Guide to Monday Night Racing 2019 whether you’re a returning rider or new to the scene, have a read-up and we’ll see you all soon!


Marshals! Click here to update the: 2019 Series 2 Monday Night Racing Marshal Roster



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