Individual time trial racing is back this summer!

From October 2019 through to January 2020 we have a series of five time trial races. Whether you’re new to TT racing, or building up to Nationals, Masters Games or summer Tri events, this will provide some good hit outs, with distances ramping up over the series.


Online registration will be done via Webscorer. Click HERE to visit the Webscorer registration page.

Race details

  1. Sunday 27 October 2019 – 16km return – Happy Hens Portobello to Otakou, starting at 9.00am.
  2.  Sunday 8 December 2019 – 20km – Outram toward Berwick Hill, starting at 10am
  3. Sunday 29 December 2019 – 20km – Happy Hens Portobello to Harington Point and return to Portobello hill top, starting at 9am
  4. Sunday 18 January 2020 – 25km – Outram toward Berwick Hill, starting at 10am
  5. Sunday 25 January 2020 – 25km – Outram toward Berwick Hill, starting at 10am

Note that Harbour races are scheduled for days when there are no cruise ships in town. Keep an eye on this page for sign on and briefing times.

Course details

We have some new Harbour Courses to mix things up this series:

Portobello towards Harrington Point return (16km).

Starting at Happy Hens heading North  to Otakou and return.


Portobello to Harington Point

Happy Hens Portobello to 1016 Harington Point Road and return to 39 Harington Point Road. Note this is a hilltop finish, slightly short of the starting location.

Outram to Berwick Hill

All other races will be held on our usual TT course, starting on Huntly Road at Outram, on to Maungatua Road, and riding towards Berwick Hill before returning to start.