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First rider away at 11.00am. Please arrive the Outram Rugby Football Club with plenty of time for sign in (Race Managers will be on site from 10.00am). Riders are welcome to use their own numbers, or we will have the Masters Games numbers available. All numbers need to be recorded on the sign on sheets. Prize giving will be at the Outram Hotel at the conclusion of the race.


We will be abiding by the CNZ Rules relating to Individual Time Trials and drafting – but being sensible regarding the lateral passing width due to issues of road safety – all roads are open and crossing the centre line is not permitted.

During Road Time Trials it is forbidden to ride in the wake of an opponent who is less than 25 metres ahead. A rider who wants to pass another must approach and pass on a parallel of not less than 2 metres apart.

UCI Regulations

2.4.017 If one rider is caught up by another, he may neither lead nor follow in the slipstream of the rider who caught up.

2.4.018 A rider, upon catching up with another shall leave a lateral gap of at least 2 metres between himself and the other rider. After 1km, the rider caught up shall ride at least 25m away from the other.


University of Sydney Researchers will be site to survey interested participants – details below:

University of Sydney researchers (led by Dr Janelle Gifford and Ms Fiona Halar) are looking to investigate dietary and exercise behaviours, and motivations to participate in sport and exercise in New Zealand Masters Games participants. They are working in collaboration with a University of Otago researcher (Dr Cathy Chapple).

The research involves an online survey, and it is expected that it will inform clinical sports nutrition practice and provide new insights into how older adults can overcome barriers to sports participation.

The researchers propose to set up a small table at venues (to accommodate use of iPads/laptops), with a sign detailing their project (and possibly a pull up banner). Flyers may be handed to participants who may wish to complete the survey at a later time.


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