Dean Cooksley Memorial Race Report — Paula Hasler.

Seasoned campaigner Jan Brosnahan kept ahead of the hounds to win the Dean Cooksley Memorial handicap race in testing conditions.

Racing started in Green Island through Brighton to the end of the tar seal past the Taieri Mouth settlement and back to finish up Jeffcoates Road. A strong blustery south westerly and the two significant hills were decisive factors in determining the results of the last race on the 2014 Cycling Otago Road calendar.

Four groups attempted to hold off the dynamic scratch pairing of Brad Evans and Jacob Grieve. Starting two minutes behind break, and 37 minutes after the first group away, the Tour of Southland duo fought hard into the head wind but had yet to catch any riders by the halfway turn around. In front of them a pattern was emerging. Each group lost one or two riders through a combination of wind fatigue and the long hill on Akatore Road. Cohesive team work is the key to maintaining speed and efficiency in a handicap race. Differing rider abilities and work outputs saw some groups shatter on the return leg.

Excellent team work from limit riders Jan Brosnahan and Andrew Ward manifested in first and second across the line. With strong help from her father in the bunch Ella Harris took third and was fastest female. Brad Evans eventually broke away to take fastest time in 1.30.08 with Jacob Grieve second fastest in 1.32.00. Both riders exhibited outstanding strength and speed without the help of a group into the wind. The junior’s race was a mass start to Brighton and back to Green Park. Thirza Smith was first, Mila Rollo second and Flynn Cooper-Foster third. Grace Hurring and Caleb Rollo had strong races to finish fourth and fifth.

Dean Cooksley Memorial handicap results

Jan Brosnahan 1.58.39 1st

Andrew Ward 1.58.58 2nd

Ella Harris 1.41.07 3rd (Fastest female)

Ewan Syme 1.43.41

Mary Gray 1.44.32

Stew Thomas 1.44.57

Carl Haddon 1.45.10

Gavin Hartley 2.05.35

Phil Turnwald 1.36.23

Shane Melrose 1.36.36

Michael Greaves 1.36.42

Kees Duyvesteyn 1.32.04

Brad Evans 1.30.08 Fastest time

Chris Harvey 1.32.20

Lachie McGregor 1.32.30

Paul Gough 1.32.48

John Wansink 1.33.32

Jacob Grieve 1.32.00

Guy Carter 1.35.26

Anthony Garvey 1.54.00

James McKellar 1.54.00

Stu Crooks DNF

Rangi Wharepapa DNF

Lorraine Stewart DNF

Graham Harris DQ