Race details

Will be listed each week in the ODT Sports Draw.


  • Location: Salisbury Circuit, sign on at Wairongoa Rd (near the Church). http://www.mapmyride.com/nz/dunedin-otago/5-4klm-per-lap-salisbury-circuit-route-159027705
  • Dates: Every Monday night starting September 28th – November 30th 2015. Resumes January (date TBC) until March 28th 2016 (last Monday before daylight savings ends).
  • Racing will take place in all conditions, barring an extreme weather event.
  • Timing: 5.30-5.45pm sign in for 6.00pm start.
  • Distances: Lap distance is 5.4km.
    • A Grade = 7 laps (37.8km);
    • B Grade = 6 laps (32.6km);
    • C Grade = 5 laps (27km);
    • Social Grade = 4 laps (21.6km);
    • Juniors = up to 4 laps depending on age groups (21.6km).


  • Pre-entry system: Riders can pre-enter once for the season. This will assist with race administration (it does not commit the rider to racing every week).  Riders turning up on the day without pre-entry will be manually signed in and advised to enter online for subsequent races.
  • Cost: will be $5 per race for members and non-members.
  • Non-members: To handle the insurance implications for non-members we will have a non-member sign in sheet / details on the pre-entry form which declares the rider’s status as non-members and their intent to join Cycling Otago as of November 1st (new 2015/2016 season). They will sign a waiver.


Series categories and rules

  • Grades as follows: A, B, C, and Development grade for men and women with Masters 1-4 age categories. Juniors: U11, U13, U17, U19 for girls and boys.
  • Series leaders in Masters and Junior age group categories will be awarded overall from across the grades.
  • Grading will be based initially in the Tour de Ōtepōti results; non participating riders will be graded by the Road Committee as they enter the series. The Development grade will be self-grading and therefore riders can decide if/when they want to move into C grade.
  • Grades will be fixed for the first races and then movement between the grades may occur at the discretion of the Road Committee. This will aim to make racing fair and to provide development opportunities for riders seeking to improve. Grading decisions will be final and no correspondence will be entered into.
  • Riders moving between grades will take their accumulated points with them.
  • Non-members will accumulate points but these will not count in the series until such time as they become members (series points will start from the first race following confirmed membership).
  • Numbers: Will be handed out at the start of the series and as new riders enter the series. Riders will be responsible for their number and must bring it each week. The series Number 1 numbers will be used by Grade and category leaders.


Points system

  • 10 points will be awarded for each race entered and 10 points awarded for 1st through to 1 point for 10th place, maximum 20 points.
  • Each week the results will be collated to determine the Number 1 rider in each Grade (A, B, C) and age group category (M1-4 and Junior age groups). The Number 1 numbers will change weekly as determined by the previous week’s race results.
  • The most combative rider will be contested in A,B, & C Grades. This will be determined by peers from amongst the finishing riders. A bonus 5 points will be awarded.
  • Results will be published each week on the CO website and FB via the Monday Night Racing event page.



  • 3 corner marshals are required each week from Members and supporters. Cycling Otago will provide STMS set up and finishing line services.
  • A roster for marshals has been created based on participating riders from the winter season. They must marshal (at least) their allocated race or swap/ find a proxy.
  • Riders will gain 20 points for marshalling (one off). Non riders will gain 20 points for marshalling.


Emergency Contact Name:*
Emergency Contact Phone:*
School (if applicable):
Race Number:
  • Select Masters category if applicable
  • Master 1 - 35-39
  • Master 2 - 40-44
  • Master 3 - 45-49
  • Master 4 - 50-54
  • Master 5 - 55+
Select Gender:*
Select Grade:*
Select Masters:

As at 31st December 2017

Cycling Otago Member:*
Licence Number:*
I will endevour to join Cycling Otago within 3 races:*
Accept Waiver Conditions:*


• I will not hold Cycling Otago, its contractors or volunteers liable for any harm that occurs to me or my equipment during the course of this race, or for any harm to other persons or property that is caused by me in the course of this event.
• I accept full legal responsibility for any harm to persons or property caused by me in this event.
• I am aware and accept that the roads are open, may not be marshalled and that I race at my own risk.

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