As expected, the double points round for Race 10 changed the final results…

It was close for top honours in A and B Grade. Brendan Hastie taking top spot in A grade and M4, with Tom Kaminszky close behind. Wayne Evans was the top M5 rider.

Kan Kaneko took out B Grade with 125 points. Special mention to Todd Redpath, just 1 point off B Grade glory and the only rider to race all 10! Ella Harris dominated as FB1 and was the top points scorer across B grade. From B grade (and later A Grade), Carl Haddon won M2 and Mark AdamsonĀ  M3. Ross Gamble likely would have triumphed in B grade, but missed the final race. He was, by far, the most outstanding M8 rider!

The experienced and consistent Steve Green triumphed in C Grade with Thirza Smith taking FC1 and U17 – moving up from D grade this series, well done. Sarah Warner moved across grades taking a leadership role with new riders. She was the top points scorer in FM1. Larry Greene showed good form to take M6.

D Grade and M1winner Nathan Cadogen may be moving up for 2017 – an amazing series! Tania Baron was consistently in the top five which secured FD1 and FM2. Flynn Cooper-Forster was on fire in D grade, and a worthy U15 winner.

Good action in the Junior division with consistent attendance and results.

Check out the points table for full results. Apologies for any inaccuracies, especially with age cats.

Final Series results table