Hey young otago cyclists a few things you need to know re the upcoming Tour de Ōtepoti.


1. We have decided to not award points for juniors for the Hill Climb on the 5th of July so that riders competing in the South Island Secondary School Championships will not be disadvantaged. There will be a different (yet to be determined) incentive for competing on the day if you are still in town!


2. Any juniors wishing to race outside their grade eg race in a senior grade will need to let us know before their first race.

If you are racing in a senior grade and will be away for the hill climb you can nominate a marshall/helper for that day and gain points as per the rules posted here. This will be on a first in first served basis!


3. Rollouts will follow Cycling NZ guidelines

U11, U13, U15 – 6.0m rollout

U17 – 7.0m rollout

U19 – 7.93m rollout