Consistency was key for Madeleine Cooper-Forster in the senior C points race at Seddon Park Velodrome on Tuesday night. In a fast-paced race Cooper-Forster was second placed in all four sprints. Although Wayne Green won the first two, he was unable to maintain the pace and was relegated to second place. New riders Ben Hogan and Sam Paris rode well to claim sprint points. Cooper-Forster also claimed first place in the Australian pursuit, but a great start by Olivia Kennedy saw Green eliminated.

Under 17 rider Ewan Syme continued his domination of A grade, taking out the scratch, Australian pursuit and the points races. Stu Crooks returned took a lap in the points race to finish second with James McKellar consistent in the sprints to take third.

Invercargill rider Wally Kopae was dominant in the B grade, taking out the scratch race ahead of Mark Falcous and Sam Hope. Kopai rode a tactical Australian pursuit, sheltering behind Falcous and Nick Hoskin before using the banking to launch an attack on the remaining riders with Sam Hope and Megan Foley finishing second and third. In an exciting points race Falcous launched a brave attack on the field but was caught by a strong Ella Harris before the third sprint. Harris dominated the sprints but Falcous was consistent, taking points in every sprint to finish in second.

In the junior grade, Connor McDonald took out the handicap race, followed by Grace Hurring and new rider Gage O’Kane. McDonald also finished first equal in the Australian pursuit with Thirza Smith. A gutsy Grace Hurring held off Smith for 3 laps but eventually succumbed and finished third.

Caleb Rollo took out the roadster derby, followed by Jake Remon and Olivia McDonald. Remon had the fastest time in the 500m time trial, followed by Rollo.