This Saturday sees Cycling Otago members race our world famous in Dunedin Taieri Mouth Coastline.

Starting 1pm at Waldronville, the intersection of Brighton Road and Vulcan Road,170.4069988,16z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0xa82be4e00f5f513d:0x500ef8684799941

This is a handicap race so you will be racing with other riders of the same ability, trying to hold of your pursuers, or trying to catch those you are pursuing.

We will race to the end of the seal at Taieri Mouth so this is about 3-4 km past the bridge at the top of a small incline where we turn around and head for home, finishing where we started.

Make sure your entries are in to Joe Chapman joseph@chapmanconsultancy before noon on Friday to ensure you are with the correct group of riders.

This road has something for everyone twist turns ups and downs and did I mention the views.

Did you know in America some people live and die without ever seeing the coast? just a random fact I thought I would mention, we are so spoiled here in NZ to be able to ride/race on these roads.

See you Saturday 1pm start so be early



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